Polk County Detention Center Livingston, Texas

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Polk County Detention Center Livingston, Texas

The Polk County Detention Center is located in Polk County in Henderson, Texas. The detention facility is designed to provide housing for 363 inmates. The general population is 333 inmates. The total square footage for this facility is 97,747 square feet.

The 6,250 square foot administration area is located at the front entrance and includes administration offices for operations. The kitchen and laundry facilities are designed to service the general population and future expansion and have excess storage, refrigeration, and freezer space. The infirmary includes a doctor’s office, a nurse’s station, a dental care area, a medical cell, pharmacy, and negative-pressure isolation cells. The medical facility is designed to accommodate the general population.

The contact visitation, 27 non-contact visitation, and two attorney visitation areas are conveniently located near the main entrance with security vestibules and direct observation of visitors and inmates “coming and going”. Visitors are restricted to a secure area.

The education area, including staff offices, toilet rooms, two classrooms, a computer classroom, law library, and commissary are contained within the housing area. The education space is 1,484 square feet.

The housing area has dormitory occupancy with dayrooms and common showers. Inmates are directly observed from a central corridor, and have access to a multi-purpose room adjacent to the housing.

The recreation facilities are two outdoor covered exercise areas, centrally located among the housing units. The location provides convenient access from all housing areas and is visually monitored from central control. The outdoor exercise areas are 5,879 square feet.

The new facility is primarily painted metal panel exterior construction with steel joist and metal roofing. Concrete flooring in the detention area are sealed concrete. The floor finishes in the showers, kitchen, and other utility areas are polymer finishes. The administration areas are gypsum board painted finish. The flooring is a combination of VCT, carpet and tile. The ceiling in the administration area is a 2 x 4 suspended ceiling system.