Rusk County Justice Center Henderson, Texas

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Rusk County Justice Center Henderson, Texas

Criminal Justice

Expansion to Rusk County Jail

The Rusk County Justice Center, in downtown Henderson, Texas, was a three-story addition to the existing jail and provided space for county offices, a new courtroom with secure access, and increased jail capacity from 96 to 291 beds. The project included 22 segregation cells and 269 beds for the general population in cells ranging in size up to 16 bed dormitories. The 21,803 square feet existing building, was more than tripled in size by the 46,069 square feet addition making the square footage total 67,872 square feet.

The jail administration offices located at the front entrance lobby allow control of visitation as well as jail operations. Visitation allows for 14 secure visitation stations plus an attorney visitation station and a contact visitation room. The unique two-story control room is centrally located to provide direct observation of jail corridors on both jail levels as well as stairs and elevator landings. The inmate

elevator provides direct access to the third floor holding cells adjacent to the courtroom without leaving the secure perimeter. Full height windows from the control room to the second floor outdoor exercise area not only provide direct observation of the inmates, but allow daylight to enter the control room as well. Staff facilities include an employee dining room and locker rooms with showers.

A new infirmary provided medical staff offices, pharmacy, exam and trauma rooms, and negative-pressure cells. Three multipurpose rooms included a library and a meeting room where religious services could be held. A second outdoor exercise area, partially sheltered to allow use in inclement weather, is located on the first floor. A new laundry facility was added and the existing kitchen expanded and upgraded to accommodate the increased number of meals being served.

The 14,000 square foot third floor houses Justice of the Peace and clerk offices, additional Sheriff’s office space, and a 100-seat courtroom for use by the Justice of the Peace as well as other county courts.




Expansion to Rusk County Jail

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